Skin rejuvenation

Over the past year, Aus Bio’s continued development of the Company’s R&D program developing products for skin health and cosmetics – MD922. Read more.

Welcome to AusBio Limited

Aus Bio Ltd. is a public but unlisted, Melbourne based biotechnology company.

Aus Bio’s current research and management philosophy is to focus on identifying chronic disease states where:

  • large markets exist
  • new and improved treatments are required.

Principal Activities

Aus Bio Limited is a biotechnology research and development company (R&D), which is carried out in the Melbourne suburb of Notting Hill. The principal activities of Aus Bio are:

  1. the development of an innovative research program to create new therapeutic products for specific disease states where large markets exist and where there is a perceived clinical need. There was no significant change in the pursuit of these goals,
  2. to identify and to build on both scientific and commercial alliances, and
  3. to increase shareholder value.


To this end, the company is currently developing new treatments for:
  1. MD 2009 - “Influenza”, The Development of Next Generation Anti Virals
  2. MD 920 / 921 / 922 – The Development Skin Care and Cosmetic Products.
  3. MD 920G – Development of products for Glaucoma
  4. MD 960 – The Development of products for type II Diabetes / Insulin Resistance
  5. MD 990 – The Development of Novel Pharmaceuticals for Specific Acute and Chronic Respiratory Conditions